Use a unique font in your project! has a large collection of free and paid fonts for download. They can be used for your website or to work with any text and image editors, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, Adobe InDesign and others. Each of the available fonts is suitable for both Windows and MacOS or Linux. The large gallery of the site allows you to choose the appropriate option for a variety of purposes and styles in Latin or Cyrillic. Here you can find a wide selection of fonts for every taste and color, for example, one of the most popular are chopped or monospaced types. They are often used in correspondence, business presentations, or more formal style creative projects.

Each of the fonts posted on our site has a separate page with a description, a note about whether it is paid or free, bright pictures - examples of use, and a download button. For easy search, they can be sorted by rating, name, date of addition and popularity by views. Also, if you know the name of the font that you need, but cannot find it, use the "search" field at the top of the page. You only need to enter a keyword to get one or more options. Then you just need to choose the most suitable one. The page also provides copyright information, which alphabets the font can support, and distribution terms.

The advantage of this site over others is that we can download fonts in four different formats TTF, EOT, WOFF and WOFF2. This allows you to save time looking for a format that suits a text or graphics editor that is convenient for you to use. Also, each typeface can be downloaded separately, along with built-in CSS styles for connection. The CSS style file has already written rules for easily connecting the font to the site via @font-face, which also saves time on the sometimes endless search for instructions.

The admins search and add new fonts every day so you can find exactly what you need. Use them to fill your creative and business projects, in presentations and on websites. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the administrators by e-mail. We are glad that we help every user create.

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